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Writing is fun! This my passion! Just like living is my passion… Being happy is the only thing people wants to be.


I will be out, I don’t know if until when… I hope not for good… So from now on, I will post nothing!!!


All the fun in life can be in one click be gone…  Specially when the foundation is not strong! Goodbye for now!


xxx LLMA

Broken Angel

Love is what everybody dream of having. You may have everything in life, all the fancy clothes, cars, houses and much more but without someone you love and who loves you back everything seems nothing. You will do everything to protect the love that you built for years and expect that it will never end. But sometimes things happen the way we didn’t plan. Sometimes it ends the moment we least expect it to end.

It hurts!

Yes it hurts! But the only thing we can do is accept and move on… Check a new collection of poems that were written by a very creative and interesting person…

Check the page of Broken Angel under poems and enjoy!


This week I received a very wonderful card for the launching of LLMA Diaries. All the materials used in it are all very interesting… The base layer that is brown that makes the whole idea classic… The butterflies painted in gold…., and look at that high heel silver shoe…, isn’t it amazing how someone can put all this wonderful idea in a card…. The ribbon at the left side that is gorgeous and the part I most love is the text “and so the adventures begins” that is in metallic red (which I am not really sure of the color) that is stamped or pasted…image

Thank you so much Leintje. I really love it so much!

Check more of her amazing creations at

Say it!

In life we tend to keep stuff for ourself. We see and hear all issues around the world. Sometimes people are talking around and we think to just stay low and let them do what they want. But there are also moments that we cannot take it anymore, moments that we want to be heard but don’t want o hurt anybody. Expressing yourself doesn’t literally mean hurting someone, sometimes it is the best way to let someone know that he or she is making wrong decisions that will put his/her life at risk.

Sometimes people don’t know if they are thinking straight. We, the people around them has to help them wake up. Say what is in your mind! Don’t be scared that you will hurt them, because in fact you are helping in such a way you dont realize it.


xxx LLMA


In life we are trying to work our way to top. We have people around us that never gives up on supporting us. But sometimes we are just too eager to have something and gets frustrated that we expect people around us to understand us even we get so mean to them. Those are moments that you cannot understand why can’t they just be patient with you… But have you ever thought that you are going too far, have you ever thought that maybe you are hurting them without your knowledge?

Sometimes we expect too much from people we love and who loves us, and because of expectations like that we begin to doubt their feelings towards us… We start to think if they do really love us, why are they sticking around if they cannot accept who we are… and most of all are they really true?

Let me tell you guys, I have been there and as long as I will be breathing  I will be experiencing all those frustrations. We are hurt because we expect a lot from people we love and loves us. The less we expect from them the less of having the chance of getting hurt… So let us accept who they are and make sure that we are being fair of letting them feel that we are also trying to meet their expectations.

xxx LLMA

Kairos =)

After graduating college, I got immidiately a job. That moment everything is just good. I really loved my job that moment… Had a very strong relationship with someone. We had a very firm foundation in our family…

But sometimes things happen when you really least expect them. Everything seems to go wrong. It started when my father died… We lost him when I was 17… but I thought we were ok, strong enough to make through it… But deep inside me, something was dying I didn’t even notice it…

My family started to take different paths, we barely knew each other. I lived in my own world… Don’t want to talk about my feelings. I t seems that if I will open up, they will laugh realizing how weak I really was… Nobody knew how I felt…. I was dying.., the whole me… It affected my relationship and job… I quit… both… and even quit with my family…

Everybody is asking why? Why am I doing those? Why I am quitting with everything. I was ok, everything is in place… All I can tell them is I am searching for something, which I myself also don’t know what. But I have to do it or else I will be forever living in pain.. Deep inside me I felt cheated and left behind. I was really looking for something… Something I don’t know…

When I was busy surfing the web, I met Kairos…  In the New Testament kairos means “the appointed time in the purpose of God…” So I thought, I will wait but I will also do something in between. I will go somewhere, to forget everything.., to forget the pain and all the hurtful things…

Now I am in Holland, married and have a little child (at least how we consider her) a shih-tzu… The road was not easy, I had lot of troubles a long the way… but I can say that moment which I can still remember and now is a lot different…. That moment I had nobody, I trusted few but not  everybody… now I have somebody to open up with…, my partner in life… and everything changes when I learn to look at life in a different way… I have my family back even have my sister closer to me than ever..

In life we suffer, but we just have to be patient coz in God’s time and also with our own work we will regain ourselves and can live happily. Just be patient and never give up.

xxx LLMA