Monthly Archives: December 2015


When I was a child everytime I see an airplane or helicopter I always waved at them and say “babay!!!” which means goodbye, just for fun and because I always found it so special. But yesterday I was really amazed how many airplanes I saw in the sky. I still remember before when I see an airplane I always look at the smoke or clouds that it makes until it will be gone. Yesterday the sky is just ¬†full of lines that seems to be streets for the airplanes.

It is just like life. When you don’t have it or you don’t have the chance to enjoy it everytime you find it very special and everytime you have the chance to be with it you are really doing all your best to enjoy it. But if you see it everytime then it seems that the value lessens. I realize how unfair we became to ourselves. It is not other people we are fooling but ourselves. We forgot all the little things that made us happy because we focus much to the stuff that we don’t, and that seems to be big things because we don’t have it. ¬†Yesterday while watching the planes above the sky, the only thing in my mind was, I was hoping that all the children in the world will have the chance to see also what I see almost everyday of my life… It is nice, it is wonderful… Enjoying life is wonderful.