Writing is my passion... reading is my hobby... But due to circumstances I put them aside, going with the flow of life and forget what makes me happy... I am happy, I know I am, but sometimes it seems that something is missing..., and I remember how fulfilling it is to write something out from my heart, out from my own world I always want to live in... Everyday is a new day, everyday is a new chance to see a lot of stories around... This is me... LLMA... and welcome to my world.... LLMA Diaries...DSC_2451

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  1. Dear LLMA,
    I love your new website! It brings so much inspiration to me to craft.
    Go exploring the world LLMA, you deserve it. And i want to read all about it.
    Can’t wait for the first chapter of your novel.
    You rock girl!!!
    Love, lein*

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