In life we are trying to work our way to top. We have people around us that never gives up on supporting us. But sometimes we are just too eager to have something and gets frustrated that we expect people around us to understand us even we get so mean to them. Those are moments that you cannot understand why can’t they just be patient with you… But have you ever thought that you are going too far, have you ever thought that maybe you are hurting them without your knowledge?

Sometimes we expect too much from people we love and who loves us, and because of expectations like that we begin to doubt their feelings towards us… We start to think if they do really love us, why are they sticking around if they cannot accept who we are… and most of all are they really true?

Let me tell you guys, I have been there and as long as I will be breathing  I will be experiencing all those frustrations. We are hurt because we expect a lot from people we love and loves us. The less we expect from them the less of having the chance of getting hurt… So let us accept who they are and make sure that we are being fair of letting them feel that we are also trying to meet their expectations.

xxx LLMA

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  1. gikan sauna, hantud karun og sa umaabot I’l be u’r forever fan…not number 1 or 2 (kay c antie og gang jud na…hehehe)…stay safe & God bless u & family with the wellness u all deserv…

    P.S sorry but i will too forever call u “LONING…” hehe

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