Who are they?

Most people say choose your friends… But actually why? Why do we have to choose our friends… Friends are people who we can laugh with, talk with and be with… Our friends are like our partners in life, that means for better or for worse…

Breaking up with a lover is what we normally hear but breaking up with friends sounds so strange… Why did we start the friendship in the first place? How did it started? What do we expect from our friends? What do they expect from us? Such questions bothers few of us.

People come and go, but as long we can we hold on with friends…we never want to let them go… But what if you get tired? Or…, is it possible to get tired with friends? If it is? How come?

We love our friends. We make sure that what they do with their lives will lead them to a better life. We get frustrated when we see them in trouble. We want them happy? Is that the reason we expect them to do the same towards us?