When we meet new friends or have a new relationship why do we always take pictures? To remember the good times when you started? Yes, it is always good things we remember in the beginning of a relationship, no matter what kind of rekationship it is.

As the time goes by we get to know each other, we enjoy each others company that we don’t want to waste any single moment to take pictures. But sometimes having pictures to look at to is also wonderful. Because of our changing life and as we grow older we get busy and priorities change so we forget most of the experience we shared with the people close to us. It is amzing to find pictures that you just took for no reason before, it reminds you of all the things you have done that moment and the day before or after.

So guys, I am not a photographer and I can assure you that I don’t have the call for but I like to tell you take a picture of you and someone everyday of everytime something beautiful or even sad happens. For one day as you can see it again you will remember how you laugh or how you did your best just to succeed in life…