What would it be?

What are you thinking? What are your plans? You were born without anybody asking you if that is what you want to happen. Some baby’s did not get the chance to be born without us hearing their voices if that is what they want…

But living a life is a lot complicated that we thought when we were just a child. When we were little we want to grow up soon to be adults and decide for ourselves what we want to eat and how we want to live our life. But our perception in life changes every year as we grow. We become adult and of course we can’t stop it. But our plans when we were young has changed. Sometimes we cannot eat foods we want because we have chosen people to share our life with that has to be considered in deciding stuff. People who we did not expect to come in our life. Life is too easy without them, we know that. But would you rather choose to have an apeasy life and have a boring and unhappy life forever? Life might be so simpe without them and smooth,  but you will never see yourself smile and laugh again as before.

I’ve been there. It was difficult…, and now I have to choose again.. What would it be?