Jan. 8, 2016

It’s been a while since I logged in. I have a lot to tell. But I am worried I cannot remember them all…. Hahahah, I am actually trying to study now. But I just keep on typing. Oh! Todays is great! Super great actually, I did not do anything!!!! For the first time in a long time that my mind was just super clear. Today I spent watching film, reading and eating…. Eating all I want because tomorrow I will be strict with my diet again… no cola no sweets…. In the weekend I allow myself to eat everything, cola also sometimes in the week when I really have stressful days… lol

We are planning to go to Rome. For my 30th birthday. I wanted to celebrate it with Dave. I think our friends are coming too, Era and Ringo but I am not sure yet. But I know, I want to celebrate my 30th birthday in Vatican City and light candle in there. He will surely love Rome because it is a nice city. This coming week is quite a busy week. I have plans everyday but I am really looking forward for tuesday… I am going to Karin for my monthly massage. Just for relaxation, I love it so much!

Tot morgen maybe!!! Love you!