Nov. 1, 2015

Ohhhhhh! My weekend was great! Yesterday we were supposed to have dinner at Lein and D’s place but because D didn’t  feel well so they cancelled it. Dave and I decided to go to Charis place because Era sent me a message that she was there. Era and Ringi are still having fight so I thought that would be nice if we will see each other yesterday. It was really fun. The best part is that everything is now in order. Our frienship is fixed, yes sometimes we have to travel troubled waters but we survived it.

Today is all saints day and also we have to go to church because it is the 13 year anniversary of the Filipino community church in Breda. It was a nice celebration, a lot of people came and also the ambassador of the Philippines. After the ceremony they organize a little program acknowledging some people of their hardworks and diligent. It is always fun seeing old people in your life.

At last Ate Evan and Gang2 saw each orher already here in our land… She’s been here for more than six months but we’ve been busy so we  didn’t get time to meet them. We planned to prepare dinner for Charis and Vincent also for Ate Evan and Kuya Bep but we ate enough in the church to decide not to cook anymore. Everybody just brought something with them that is why it was flooding with foods today. I hope we can attend next time, it will be on December 20, almost christmas!

I decided to bring Gang2 back to her place because its really getting early dark, ohhhh how I hate that from winter… So Charis and Vincent went with us bringing Gang2 back to her place. I was doubting at first because we will be almost 3 hours on the way and thehave to go back to their place still and that is also 1 hour drive… I asked them if they can manage that, but they said they do.  We enjoyed the trip, it was fun… Good thing we did that… I told Charis everything, when I say everything that means everything! So all is clear now… “Wat een opluchting” that will my husband would say… It’s nice having our old life back, with our old friends… We missed them so much!