Oct. 22, 2015

Today me and my sister-in-law, Lein, went to a livestream premier of Ed Sheeran-Jumpers for Goalposts. But before that as my ordinary life plays, I went to work early in the morning…,what do we mean by early? That is 5:15 in the morning!!! I finished at 2 o’clock pm and went directly to a newly met friend. I stopped by her place and invited her to come with me to pick up the longanisa I ordered from Bel, also a friend of mine. We had a nice talk together, but have to leave soon because my husband called and asking where I am. I always find it funny if he calls asking where I am, actually I find it sweet… I don’t know, it gives me the feeling that even if we are already married for almost 2 years still he cares. But sometimes I think I ask too much, that is why sometimes things go wrong. So what I mean with too much is the attention, I always want his attention and I also hate myself for that sometimes honestly speaking… Well, well… Yes he called and has to pick drinks for him because Lein’s husband is coming at our place, so I though shit I cannot have a nap then. I have to wake up tomorrow to go to work still and I heard that the stream via cinema is going to finish late. But I thought, tomorrow is friday so it will be ok. I will just have my rest in the weekend.

Before going to the livestream of Ed Sheeran, we first ate in a restaurant. It is always fun with the four of us (my husband, Lein, and her husband D). Lein and I had to rush in eating because we only have less than an hour to be inside the cinema. The restaurant is just beside the cinema so it’s not so far. We left the guys and they were planning to go to the city and have a drink there, just like a boys night out.

So we went to the livestream. I enjoyed most part of it. The best part that gave me chicken skin is that when he said that he has a special guest and that was Sir Elton John!!! It was amazing! But he alone was already amazing… Such a wonderful person is Ed Sheeran!


Now I will sleep because I still have to work tomorrow!!! and it is now almost 12 o’clock midnight…

And heeeeeyyyy!!! The tv is soooo loud, have to tell my sweetheart to lower the volume…. Lol ❤️

Love you,

xxx me