Oct. 30, 2015

Today is friday and I have to work tonight. It has been a long week for me. I always love night shift but this week is a little bit heavy. Nothing so important happens to me, I have my period this week so I did not go to sportschool but today I did wih my husband and Nina, daughter of a good friend of mine.

I am really hoping that my agency will change my schedule today because I want to go to Era’s place, hmmm actually not her place because she wants to stay the night at Khessa a friend of ours. She has a fight with her fiancee and it seems that she is really bothered by it. Yes of course fight is normal and their marriage is fast approching so I can understand that they are now stressing. But well, I have to work so I have to live with it.

D and Dave is picking my sister up in station right now. When they arrive home then we are going to eat dinner and I will be leaving for work…


xxx me