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Outside shines the moon so bright, it is full moon. Sophie can feel her emotions playing inside her, it doesn’t make sense but she always have this feeling that she is so sad and emotional when the moon is full. She has to go out or call somebody, she needs to talk to somebody or else she will get crazy.

The noiseless sound of the night is killing her ears. She can hear her heart beats… She has to get out. Everybody in the house are already sleeping. If her father will see her, for sure she will get into a big trouble. She started to feel her bed, somewhere under her pillow she hid her cellphone. She started to scroll down to all her contacts, she dialed Nico’s number.

Nico is Sophie’s bestfriend. They grew up together. Went through a lot of troubles together. He is actually Sophie’s confidante.

” What is wrong? Do you know how late it is?” A voice of an irritated sleepy man, Nico. He looked at the clock infront of him that even late at night he can read it because of its led lights… It was 12.38 in the middle of the night.

“I can’t sleep. Can we talk for a while? Or better go somewhere, I really would love to smell some fresh air right now.”

“No, let’s just talk tomorrow… I slept already late and tomorrow I have to wake up early to help Mom in the store and I also have to bring Anouk’s papers to her house… She needs to rewrite it.” He meant his girlfriend. Anouk and him had been together for a year already without anybody knowing except Sophie.

“Oh yeah… Of course… I will just count stars or sheeps to fall asleep. You don’t have time for me anyways…” And pressing the end button of her telephone… She started crying without any reason… She is just depress for some reason, maybe it is beacuse of school. It is their last year and all the requirements are killing them all… All the deadlines are fast apaproaching and it seems that she did not do anything yet…

The time seems to run so slow in Sophies mind… She has to do something. She moved silently and dressed up. She don’t know what she is going to do, all she know is that she has to go out.

Suddenly she is outside… She cannot believe it, it seems that everything inside her is shaking… What she is doing right now is typically wrong in the eyes of her parents but still she did it. She is outside of their house, without anybody’s permission. She can feel her heart jumping in horror, because if somebody sees her outside of their house late that evening with nobody besides her then she is really in a big trouble.

 She started walking, walking with no direction. She don’t even know a place where to go. She is always with somebody when she gets out so everything she is doing right now is new… But she is excited about it. She can feel freedom… She choose the street where the lights are on…, their city is not so big, so most of the roads are not so advisable to be walked alone… She is just walking, walking and walking… She end up infront of the park, she wants to go inside and sit somewhere but the idea that maybe somebody is there and may do her harm scares her so she decided to walk back home.

She took the same road. While she was walking she was not thinking of anything. She was just feeling the fresh air that touches her skin, the soundless city that is very opposite during daytime, the calmness of the surrounding…and her heart that still beats fast of the exciting feeling she still have inside.

It was a nice walk she thought, she slowly walked inside their house and slowly open kitchen door where she got out. It seems that nobody noticed that she has been walking around so for her it is all just good because if somebody noticed that she was gone then she will be in a very big trouble.

Now she is inside her room. She wish she can talk to somebody still but it is already 3 o’clock in the morning. Nico will not forgive her anymore if she will call again… So she just hid under her blanket and push herself to sleep.

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