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“What happened last night?” Nico worriedly asked her.

“Last night is gone, I am ok now. I just couldn’t sleep.” while busy checking her folder to be passed to Mrs. Rodrigo which she asked for a week extention for her report. Nico is just staring at her studying what is wrong with her. He knows her so much but this time is different.

“Oh at last Ms. Sanchez, it is your report that’s delaying everything. Hand it to me and you will receive your grades as soon as possible.”without any word Sophie walks out of the office.

After 3 days Sophie got an email from Mrs. Rodrigo that she excelled in her report but unfortunately because it was passed later than intended, points will be deducted. Sophie doesn’t care anymore as long as she finish all the loads of requirements just to graduate college. Days and nights has passed… For her everything is going so slow. Since she was a little girl she already wanted to grow… just grow and be adult. To handle everything which a child cannot handle. But it seems because of looking forward too much to be adult she forgets to enjoy life. To the fullest that she is missing something…

It is another night of deafening loneliness inside her heart. It is early though, so she called Nico but unfortunately he did not picked up. She hates that when he don’t pick up. So she decided to sneak out again. The thrill inside her body is giving her a new feeling, it is different than the first time. Now it’s nice and she wondered why?

The moon guided her as she stepped out of their house. She has no destination in mind, just walk and walk and walk… She ended up walking in the park. She sat where there is no light, where she can actually hide. Started gazing the stars. “Oh! how beautiful you are!” she exclaimed. It’s been few minutes until she noticed three guys walking towards her direction. It scares her so she decided to go in a place where there is light but still they seems to follow her. Inside her is battling with fears and blaming herself why did she get out. A lot of stuff is now playing in her minds…

She called Nico immediately unfortunately this time he picked up.

“Where are you. Please come to the park I need you now! I think I’m in danger.” he really can hear her voice rattling. Luckily he is out in a date so he can be in the area sooner.

Just on time when Nico arrived that the three guys where talking with Sophie.

“Sophie!!!” shouted Nico when he stepped out his motor. He walks immediately towards the four person he sees standing infront of each other. “Is there any problem in here?”he asked the three guys the moment he was around them.

“She said she is waiting for her brother. So we decided to hang around because this place can be dangerous for a woman like her to be alone here.”said one of them.

“Yes, I am a little bit late. Now she is ok. Thank you , you can go.” while looking at Sophie’s eyes so furiously. When they were a little bit far Nico bursted out. “What is this? What do you think you are doing? Who are you with? Are you crazy or something? You cannot be alone in this very dangerous place!!! Hey are you even listening to me?”Nico just can’t stop his self but shout to her. He was worried by what he heard in the telephone.

“I’m sorry. I tried to call you but you were not there.”

“Oh come on Sophie! Are you telling me it’s my fault? Come lets go, I’will bring you home!”

“No, it is ok. I am fine. I can go home myself.”

“Of course you are fine! Of course you can go back home yourself! But sorry to tell you no! No Sophia Sanchez  I won’t let you! You like it or not you’re going with me.” Sophie really saw how mad Nico is with her so she just followed her. They drove to Sophie’s house without talking with each other…

Nico decided to sleep that night in Sophie’s house. Her mother woke up when she heard the noice of the motor outside the house so Nico told her mother that he went there to sleep because it would be too late if he will drive home still.

“Thanks.” said Sophie while giving him his pillow and blanket.