New Employees

Here comes again, the white cap that they have to wear before going inside the production area… Bea works in a clothing factory. This is her first job after leaving home. Today is monday, first day of  the week and as soon as Bea enters the hallway she noticed immidiately all the new faces… “New employees”she thought.

“I am curious where I will be appointed today.” Seth just talk it out loud without telling somebody directly. Bea looks at her with confusion… “The machine upstairs doesn’t work, they are busy reparing it. So possibly we will work somewhere else.” added Seth.

Bea just nod to respond to what she said. But as soon as they enter the production area they saw that their machines work so they have to go straight there. She is always positive, and when she knew that she will be working with Bea that made her feel better. Bea works good and she knows that she doesn’t need to worry about her speed because she is one that really do her work with heart. With their kind of work you have to be fast and calm.

While they were busy about paperworks, a young man came, his name is Raul. He works during vacation time, so in short he is one of the new faces Bea saw at the start of the day. “It will be an exciting day”she thought again to herself.

The first hour went smooth until bad products came to their end, and Bea has to reinforce to the other department because all the new people cannot catch up with the speed. Almost all orders that arrives to Final department where Seth, Bea and Raul are designated were with defects. They cannot put them in a pallet for sending to final destination if it doesn’t look good. Their work will be put at risk. Bea must go to packing department but Seth with Raul left behind cannot be possible because Raul doen’t know anything about the paperworks. So Raul has to go with Mr. Smith, their chief, in exchange for Elisa.

Seth is starting to be irritated of the situation, with all the new people that cannot go with speed of the production. Bea stayed calm and comfort Elisa who is now really getting insecure of getting the blame for delaying the production in packing department.

“When I was new in this company I cannot even catch up with the slowest department and I really found it very fast and it made me crazy… It is just a matter of time. You are new, it is just your fourth day of work so we cannot expect you to be perfect and super fast. Even people who worked here for years cannot catch up sometimes with the speed in Packing Department. So don’t be sad. Cheer up and stay positive.”Bea trying to comfort Elisa who is now turning red because of frustration.

Seth explains everything to Elisa what she has to do. Elisa find it easier to be with the final department. But it seems that the packing department are working good already so they got a lot of boxes but unfortunately damage ones and that pissed Seth more. She throws the damged boxes on the ground and started yelling…

“Hey, come on. easy… It will be ok. I called them already to check the boxes and they said they are busy on it. You don’t have to stress yourself.” Bea said to Seth when she seemed to be really very frustrated. “It will be ok…” that is always what Bea has to say the whole time. Actually deep inside her also starts to get frustrated, but she thought if she will too get mad and crazy then everything will be a big mess. She smile to Elisa and talk some jokes to lessen the pressure growing, but Seth found it not helpful.

“Stop smiling, nobody will take you seriously if you stay smiling” Seth told Elisa. “But why?, it doesnt also help if we will look so sad and angry… So come on, it will be ok. Don’t stress up”Bea said calmly… But then it seems that Seth is really serious with what she said so Bea just stop smiling and continue with her work.

With all the tension growing came Mr. Smith, this time she really wanted to take Bea away.., to the other department because they really are having problems in there. This time Seth cannot do anything, but just to let Bea go to other department… For Bea everything is ok, she never liked to be place by final department so to be transferred to packing department is alright with her. She started walking and pass other departments, she saw how they have also troubles giving assistance to some other new employees. “Ahhh, this is always the problem when everybody wants to enjoy summer vacation. We are left with people who works during vacation time…”she thought…

She slowly took the ladder going to packing department, just relax as she thought because she don’t know what she will see when she arrives there. And she was not wrong, many products fell on the ground… Machines are out, some collueagues of her picking some products from the ground because Raul just can’t catch up with the speed of the machine.

 “Come, let me do it.”and she saw the face of Raul which is saying that he is so sorry for the troubles he made. “It is ok, this can happen. You are not use with this work. You are new, you have to learn a lot still. We cannot expect you to be perfect in a second. You can go back to Final department.

After few minutes everything is under control.  After half hour came Mr. Smith. Telling her to take a break and after taking a break take Seth’s work over so she can also take a break. The instruction was clear, take a break and after take over Seth’s work and when Seth comes back from break she can go back again to packing department. So Bea went to have a break.

“Who among you did already have a break?”asked Bea when she came back from break. “Nobody yet,”answered Seth. It is obvious that she is a little bit doing more that she can because Bea can see her cheeks really red, or maybe she is just angry… “You can take a break Seth, I will take over..”said Bea.

“Are you staying for good?, until the end of our work today?” asked Seth.

“No. I am just taking over your place until you come back from break and I have to go back to packing department then.”explained Bea. “Ohhh, then I will take Elisa with me to take a break, or else one of us will have a break too late.”said Seth while busy pulling a pallet full of boxes of clothes and putting it besides the wall.

“Oh that sounds great. So Raul will stay with me, It’s all good with me.” and Seth and Elisa left to take a break. “So we will work together, we can do it…. We are good right?”telling Raul to bring his boost back with a smile on her face… It went really smooth, Raul did it good and in just a moment later came Elisa and Seth following her. They were so busy that they didn’t even take track of the time. They talk also a lot in between to forget all what happened earlier of that day.

Raul went immidiately to take a break the moment Elisa came, he was already telling Bea the whole time that he is really hungry and he already drank a couple cup of water in between. When Seth arrives the area she asked Bea to stay a while… “No, I have to go back…” Bea said.

“Mr. Smith took your place right? Let him work hard for a while. he doesn’t even know that we are back.”and a lot more that Seth said… so Bea decided to hang around a while until she got an error. “I have to report the error to Sabrina”Sabrina is the logistics administrator of their company, if they gets error they are required to report it immidiately or else they will get a very long sermon from her. “and after that I really have to go back upstairs(where the packing department is). I cannot stay any longer. Everything is going nicely and Elisa is doing it very well so you don’t have to worry.” said Bea. Seth wants to say something still but Bea decided just to walk away because she thought it doesn’t make sense to stay and talk more.

The error is solved and she immidiately went back to packing department but on her way she saw Mr. Smith. “What took you so long? Some people has to take a break still upstairs.”said Mr. Smith. “I went first to Sabrina to fix some error, don’t worry I’m on my way.” she said with a smile. “and Mr. Smith… calm down… all is already in place…”

She went up and did her work…, and in a moment she didn’t notice it, the day is over. Another employee came to her to take over her work… “Ohhh thank you, now I can go home and relax…”said Bea to a little elderly woman who took her place over.

So she walked going down and waited until the clock reach 16.30. A lot of people are standing in line already to log theirselves out. Bea saw how many people are new who worked today. She was then curious if what kind of experience other new employees had today…

But the day is over, she log her self out…. Took the white cap out of her head after leaving the production area, got her stuff and head home with a smile thinking that the day was heavy to everybody but she is not tired because she took her work seriously but she did not stress herself out. She focused and understood other people that they were trying their best it just happened that their best at that moment is not enough yet… But tomorrow is another day…

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